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10 Interesting Facts about Melasma you Must know! 🌟


Imagine waking up each morning, looking into the mirror, and feeling disappointment as you see those stubborn patches of  pigmentation on your face.

But don’t loose hope, in order to heal your Melasma, it’s important to know what it is!



Melasma can be challenging, but together, let’s learn about Ten interesting facts that will spark the flame of hope within you, pushing you towards an incredible skin healing.


Set aside just 10 minutes to go through this meaningful reading journey with me. 💫


1️⃣ Melasma, is a common skin condition that causes patches of darker pigmentation mainly on face & neck. But do you know that it affects millions of individuals worldwide; so you’re not alone on this path 🙂


2️⃣ Melasma doesn’t discriminate based on gender, race, or background. It can affect men/women; any ethinicity and status. However, it is more common in Indian, Asian, Hispanic, Latin american & African descent. But the most interesting fact is 90% of people affected by Melasma are WOMEN.


3️⃣ Hormonal changes, such as those during pregnancy, menopause or due to hormonal fluctuations, can trigger the emergence or increase in the appearance of Melasma.

Hormonal replacement therapies, contraceptive pills or hormonal fluctuations because of other reasons like PCOS can also cause those dark patches on your skin.


4️⃣ The sun, that glorious source of light and warmth, can also cast shadows on our skin.

So, protect yourself from Sun’s harmful UVA & UVB rays by applying a mineral based broad-spectrum sunscreen every time you step outside , plus wearing big hats, and seek shade can help Melasma from increasing.


5️⃣ Stress, is an unwelcome companion on the life’s journey, can slowly grasp its roots deep into ruining your skin , ultimately intensifying Melasma. 

So, whenever you feel stressed, take a moment to pause, take a deep breath, and remind yourself about the things in life you are most grateful about, like you, your family, your passion or simply the b’ful nature around you & slowly you will see the stress getting less intense..


6️⃣ Nature is the most incredible healer; herbs & homeopathy have the power to heal even the most stubborn skin issues. Herbs like licorice root, calendula, turmeric can do wonders for your skin; if you would like to know more about how you can heal your skin holistically, let’s chat.


7️⃣ Melasma can run in families, that means if your mother has Melasma, then you also have a tendency but only between 30-50%; so don’t loose hope if your grandma or mum has those dark patches. Holistic skin treatments can work wonders in not only healing but also preventing Melasma & other skin issues.


8️⃣  Major triggers for Melasma are – Hormonal issues , Sun exposure, Hormonal contraceptive pills & Stress… this is a vast topic to cover, wait for my next post where I’ll cover these triggers in detail.


9️⃣ The role of nutrition and a healthy lifestyle in skin health should not be underestimated. Feeding your body with antioxidant-rich foods, staying hydrated, and adopting a healthy active lifestyle can work wonders for your overall skin health.


🔟 Lastly but most importantly, Melasma is an internal disturbance in your body, topical applications, lasers, chemical peels etc can only help lighten those patches to some extent but not heal it. You need a thorough in-depth comprehensive healing – all natural & holistic to support your skin heal itself.

Just like you, I have helped thousands of women heal their skin & achieve a healthy, radiant & glowing skin. If you want to talk to me about your skin issue & how I can help you heal it all naturally, let’s schedule a consultation.


Reach out to me today, and together, let us create a personalized Melasma holistic treatment plan that celebrates the unique chapters of your healing journey and embraces the radiant skin that awaits. 💖


I hope you enjoyed reading this blog, please do share with at-least one women you know can benefit from this information.


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