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Is Water not enough to clean our bodies? Do we really need cleansers?


The concept of cleansing dates back to the origin of the human race; only the ritual would have been performed in different ways!



In the earliest times, cleansing was done by using a piece of bone, ashes, or stone to scrape the Skin. Later civilizations used herbs with Water for cleansing. 

The earliest mention of the soap-making process can be found in Sumerian clay tablets dating to ca. 2000 BC. By 600 BC, the Phoenicians used tree ash and animal fat to prepare soap.


However, due to commercialization & multiple other factors like the concept of keeping oneself hygienic hyped up so much that more stronger (harder) soaps were created.



Later on, from plain soap to antibacterial soaps were promoted & marketed to us as if these Alpha warriors were invented to beat off all kinds of pathogens from this world.


However, after decades, people realized that over-cleansing using harsh soaps and antibacterial cleansers is terrible for skin health!


Cleansing is an essential aspect of any skincare since it removes unwanted dirt, soil, and bacteria from the Skin and removes dead surface cells, preparing the Skin to better absorb topically applied drugs/medication. 


However, it is crucial to understand that mild soap functions by binding to dirt and organic material; antiseptic soaps contain specific bactericidal active ingredients that eliminate both pathogenic and beneficial microorganisms.


Now, the important question:


Is Water enough to clean off the Skin?



“As explained in the Indian Journal of Dermatology,

Many environmental impurities and cosmetic products are not Water soluble, so washing the Skin with plain Water would not be sufficient to remove them. 


Skin cleansers (i.e., emulsifiers/detergents/surfactants/soaps) lower the Skin’s surface tension and remove dirt, sebum, and oil from cosmetic products, microorganisms, and exfoliated corneum cells in an emulsified form. 


Now that we know that Water alone is not sufficient enough to clean all the dirt, pollutants, cosmetics & dead Skin off your Skin – So, yes, You do need Cleansers!


So, the next question is:


What kind of Cleansers are good for your Skin?


However, An ideal cleanser should do all these without damaging or irritating the Skin; on the contrary, it should try to keep the skin surface moist.


Harsh Soaps and detergents may aggravate pre-existing tendencies to skin barrier dysfunction and promote skin inflammation in susceptible individuals.

Thus, a mild cleansing agent is essential to maintain skin health & management of various skin conditions.


According to a study published in Skin Pharmacology and Physiology, Cleansing agents such as harsh soap with a higher pH may damage the Skin’s natural antimicrobial defenses and lead to skin issues.


Ideally, a herbal, organic, mild cleanser is what you should buy!

Remember, you & only you are responsible for your health, so be vigilant and always read the label of the cleanser you will buy.



What should your cleanser not have?







Palm Oil

Synthetic colors


Mineral Oil

Propylene Glycol

Animal Testing


To sum up:

Only Water is not enough to cleanse your Skin thoroughly.

A mild, herbal, organic & gentle cleanser cleansing natural cleansing agent is essential to maintain skin health & managing various skin conditions.







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