Holistic Skin Wellness

“Love Yourself – Love your SKIN”


I hate my Skin

Why do I have such terrible Skin?

I hear such words every day from my patients – it feels disheartening!


People struggle with negative feelings towards their Skin if they have been dealing with skin diseases for a long time!

However, cursing your Skin or yourself for who you are is wrong. 

Instead, it’s crucial to approach skin concerns with a positive and accepting attitude rather than criticizing or blaming the Skin. 

Embracing self-care and self-love can also play a critical role in promoting healthy Skin and improving one’s relationship with their Skin.

Your Skin is a part of your physical identity and creates your overall appearance and self-image. 

It also serves several absolutely critical life functions, such as protecting the body, regulating body temperature, and producing sensory information. 

The health and appearance of your Skin can also reflect your overall health and well-being. 


By taking care of your Skin, you can maintain its health and improve its appearance, contributing to a positive self-image and sense of identity. 

Ultimately, your Skin is a crucial part of who you are, and embracing it can lead to a positive and confident understanding of yourself.

Your Skin is an integral part of your physical and emotional identity, and embracing it can lead to a positive relationship with yourself.


Skin issues often require a holistic, in-depth approach to treatment. 

This means considering both physical and emotional factors that may be contributing to the issue.

For example, a skin condition like Acne may require topical products to address the physical symptoms but also herbal remedies, changes in diet, stress management techniques, and addressing any underlying emotional factors that may exacerbate the condition.


If you or someone you know is dealing with a chronic skin disease & are looking for a holistic cure, Feel free to contact me so we can work towards a holistic treatment for them!


Your skin deserves love, respect, and healing!


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